JLC Writing & Websites creates and manages websites for its business and nonprofit clients. Whether you need a completely new design, or just want someone to update and maintain your site as edits are needed, JLC stands ready to assist.

It’s always great when your business is mentioned in a news article. Or maybe you have photos from your last event that need to be shared with the public. Sure, you’ve got good intentions to update your website, but fast forward to a month or six months down the calendar. You got busy and the website took a backseat to all the other good work you’re doing in growing your business. You never added those photos and your audience never read that article. In fact, someone looking at your website notices nothing has been updated in over a year. They start unfairly making assumptions about your business. “Maybe no one is hiring them?” You’re an expert when it comes to your business. Do you really have time to sit down and learn about website design and where to go when you need to change up your site?

Consider the statistics below about a business owner’s time management…

  • % of Owners Time Spent on Web/Email 32% 32%
  • % of Owners Time Spent Interacting With Employees 25% 25%
  • % of Owners Time Spent Interacting With Clients/Customers 21% 21%

What if you could change those numbers so you spent more time with your customers? If only you had someone who could step in and make sure your website was updated so you could focus on the day-to-day of running your company? JLC Writing & Websites is that solution for your business. You tell us what edits you need done and we give you a quote of how much time it takes to complete.

When you’re ready to move forward, we make the changes. Have a number of updates spanning several weeks or months? We simply invoice you at the end of each month – That’s it. We won’t hound you about new updates. You come to JLC when you need something done and we work fast so your business can benefit by always being current and relevant to your clients. Not sure if we can do something for you? Contact JLC Writing & Websites for a quick reply.